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Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008

Firefox Mobile schon erst ab 2009: Fennec M8

Firefox Mobile выйдет в 2009 году
Fennec M8
Mark Finkle has written about Fennec M8 being released. M8 is the latest
pre-alpha milestone release of the Fennec mobile browser which will
eventually become Firefox Mobile. M8 includes a new set of icons that Sean
Martell and Madhava Enros wrote about, improved rendering performance, UI
improvements and a pile of other items. You can find a full summary in
Mark’s post.

Camera Input Tag
As discussed on a post on Ajaxian, Brad Lassey has put up a screenshot of
Fennec taking input from a camera and making it available to web
applications. This kind of functionality would work much like a file input
tag that uploads pictures instead of files off your hard drive. This means
that web sites could easily include support for uploading pictures directly
from the browser instead of having to go through a cumbersome gallery and
file upload procedure. Read Brad’s post for full details.

TraceMonkey for Fennec
Vladimir Vukićević has posted about the work that he did to bring
TraceMonkey to the ARM platform. TraceMonkey is Mozilla’s fast JavaScript
implementation that will be included in Firefox 3.1. The speedup on ARM is
similar to what was measured on x86-based systems. Some operations are 30x
faster with a roughly 2x speedup on the whole of the SunSpider test. These
speedups will offer many user-perceptable improvements for web sites. But
because much of Fennec is written in JavaScript, it will also improve the
performance of the browser as a whole. Read Vlad’s post for more

Add-ons for Mobile
Extensions are one of the best parts of Firefox on the desktop and Mozilla
has been working hard to bring that same extension experience to Fennec.
Early initial support for extensions was included in Fennec M7 and has been
improved in M8. Mark Finkle has a post up about what’s going to be required
by extensions authors and a couple of sample add-ons that people can build
off of.


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