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Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

JBonjourBrowser - Java-Based Bonjour Browser

Students: Denis Abramov, Myounghwan Lee

Semester: Fall 2006

Goal: To develop a Java application that will match the functions found in Bonjour Browser. This tool will help immensely while debugging IRT research projects involving Apple's Bonjour, such as 7DS and z2z.

History: Denis and Myoung started working on the JBonjourBrowser after it was found that CeGCC was not mature enough to enable the porting of 7DS to Windows Mobile.
Denis and Myoung both finished the project, and the executables are attached to wiki page.

Intro: JBonjourBrowser was built to emulate the functionality of Bonjour Browser, and at the same time work on multiple platforms. It requires Apple's Bonjour Java library to run.

Bonjour Browser Download - Version 1.5.6 - hier
Bonjour Browser is a utility that displays all the bonjour services on your local network.

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