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Samstag, 16. Februar 2008

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 21, Released 12.29.2008

What's New in the Latest Version?

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 21, Released 12.29.2008
  • Fixed the bug that pressing ALT+SHIFT+Z caused a new tab opened up under Polish system
  • Fixed the DDE bug that keep opening htm/html files in Avant Browser
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 20, Released 12.24.2008
  • Shortened the floating toolbar popup time
  • Fixed a bug that address box may not response to [Enter]
  • Fixed a bug that adding bookmark function may not work with IE7
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 19, Released 11.11.2008
  • Fixed the bug stopping Avant Browser from tiling properly along with other application windows
  • Fixed the bug where "Avant Browser" kept being shown in the UserAgent string
  • Fixed the bug stopping the uploaded files from being attached to the Attachments list
  • Fixed the bug where the Email button on floating toolbar caused Avant to crash
  • Fixed the bug stopping the Minimize button on the windows toolbar from functioning like the one in the top right corner
  • Fixed the bug that the successively opened popup windows keep moving to the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed the bug that wasn't supporting the scrollbar outline style property
  • Fixed the displaying miscoded username bug in Autofill
  • Fixed the bug where the address bar drop down list screened the address bar if you set the tab bar to the bottom
  • Fixed the bug that Chinese hints of the search results of the bookmarks are miscoded
  • Fixed the bug where the Autofill is not working in some pages
  • Fixed the bug which the RSS items are unread if you opened them in new windows
  • Fixed the bug that stopped the address bar from being selected with ALT+D or F6 if the cursor was already focused in the address bar
  • Fixed the bug stopping the focus from switching between words in the address bar with CTRL + a direction key
  • Fixed the bug where the bookmarks bar and the Organize Bookmarks window is blank if you checked Use IE Favorites as bookmarks option
  • Fixed the bug that kept the browser temporarily freezing up sometimes when you were visiting a blocked URL
  • Updated the displaying and disappearing time of the floating toolbar
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 18, Released 11.01.2008
  • Fixed the bug where inputting key words in Goolge Toolbar brought up menus
  • Fixed the bug keeping Ctrl+L from working
  • Fixed the bug keeping some buttons from displaying in Floating Text Toolbar
  • Fixed the bug where the color of the Nexos skin became darker after you restarted the browser
  • Fixed the bug where the address bar dropdown list screened the interface of some programs
  • Fixed the bug keeping the Enter key from responding to Open a Link window
  • Fixed the bug keeping the address bar favicon from displaying for Google search
  • Fixed the bug where clearing temporary internet files caused history of visited web sites to get deleted
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 15, Released 9.26.2008
  • Fixed the bug which kept you from unchecking the options in Proxy Server
  • Fixed the bug which kept you from opening up the menus through shortcuts
  • Removed the Coding button in Customize Buttons menu
  • Removed the Url showed above the Autofill item while the cursor was hovering over it
  • Added pressing Enter feature to open up the closed pages last time you ended the browser
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 12, Released 9.19.2008
  • Removed the yellow background in the Address Bar drop download list while you're inputting urls
  • Added the search function to the Address Bar drop down list
  • Added the feature rearranging the items in Tab Context Menu according to the Tabs Bar position
  • Fixed the blank Bookmarks Bar issue under IE8
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused the system to beep while you're pressing Enter in Address Bar
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 11, Released 9.17.2008
  • Fixed the bug that caused the AutoFill feature in the My Information menu not to work
  • Fixed the bug where the CTRL+Q shortcut didn't work
  • Fixed the bug where the Scroll button in Toolbar didn't work
  • Fixed the bug where highlighting search items only worked once
  • Fixed the bug keeping you from importing Online Storage data to the local machine
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 10, Released 9.12.2008
  • Fixed the bug that kept the scroll bar from showing up completely while you're switching back from Full Screen/Desktop mode
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 8, Released 9.10.2008
  • Fixed the bug where the search bar generated 2 pop-up boxes after a search in the current page
  • Fixed the bug that kept some images searching results from showing up
  • Fixed the saving images to 0 bytes bug through floating tool bar
  • Fixed the bug that caused the history of visited sites to be mismatched if sorted by visited order
  • Fixed the bug keeping you from dragging and dropping the desired rss url to open up in a new tab
  • Fixed the bug that kept the scroll bar from showing up completely
  • Fixed the bug where the new version can't replace some files if you're reinstalling Avant without uninstalling the old one
  • Fixed the bug where deleting words in the Organizing Bookmarks/AutoFills dialog caused it to prompt you to delete the whole item
Avant Browser 11.7 Build 7, Released 9.4.2008
  • Address bar highlighting
  • Fixed the bug that caused pictures from being able to appear in RSS Reader
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes you can't open up a page the first time starting the browser
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Autofill feature to sometimes lead to entering urls very slowly
  • Fixed the bug where a new page was always opened in foreground under any condition
  • Fixed the bug where the Save As Text function didn't work
  • Fixed the bug where uninstalling Avant removed all items in the default list under Vista
  • Fixed the bug that restarting a new instance of Avant kept notifying you to reopen up the opened tabs in the previous instance
  • Fixed the bug that caused the focus to jump to the previously used tab after entering URL
  • Fixed the bug where the search and address bar didn't allow special characters
  • Fixed Avant's User Agent String
  • Fixed the bug where the options for the floating bar didn't take effect
  • Fixed the bug that caused the address bar to not get changed accordingly when the newly opened blank page was redirected to the homepage
  • Fixed the Autofill password security issue
  • Perfected both browsers' icon resolution in the switching programs interface
  • Fixed the bug where the Zoom In function didn't act accurately
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 20, Released 6.23.2008
  • Fixed the taskbar button missing bug after restoring Avant from "Minimize to system tray"
  • Fixed the bug that kept "frmTrailBG" from hiding itself
  • Screened the inline keywords auto-complete feature in search bar
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 19, Released 6.16.2008
  • Moved the urls.dat file to the folder where USB version is installed
  • Fixed the bug that Avant can't restore the original window size from the minimized status when you open up a link out of it
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 18, Released 6.13.2008
  • Fixed the bug that kept tabs from opening in sequence each time Avant starts
  • Fixed the missing proxy server entries bug in the Options button menu
  • Fixed the bug where Avant maximizes unnormally when you open up a link from a third program
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 17, Released 6.12.2008
  • Fixed the bug keeping you from registering a new account
  • Fixed the bug that Avant USB version can't save settings
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 16, Released 6.6.2008
  • Improved the stability of the Online Storage function
  • Added the ability to run javascript directly in the address bar
  • Fixed the bug that involved not selecting keywords through shift+right key in search bar
  • Fixed the bug that made the focus in page gets lost after closing the popup window from menu bar
  • Fixed the bug that kept you from bringing Avant back up by clicking on the .exe file
  • Fixed the bug keeping you from searching all keywords in current page
  • Fixed a potential security bug by solely making the listening port available to localhost
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 13, Released 5.11.2008
  • Fixed the window resizing bug after switching back from Full Screen and Desktop mode.
  • Fixed the bug that unexpected history records are listed under history button.
  • Fixed the bug that while right clicking on avant.exe the version number is inconsistent with the real one.
  • Fixed the bug that the search key cut unexpectedly in search box.
  • Fixed the bug that the Taskbar Button could not be hidden.
Avant Browser 11.6 Build 11, Released 4.3.2008
  • Fixed the bug that RSS cannot be sorted by date
  • Fixed the drag & drop bug with favicon of the address bar
  • Fixed the bug that no item is checked in the "Auto Refresh All Windows" menu
  • Fixed the bug that the spacebar doesn't work in Customize Toolbars
  • Fixed the bug that RSS reader doesn't remove old messages
  • Fixed the bug where the help menu disappears after switching back from full desktop & full screen mode
  • Fixed the keywords encoding error while setting yahoo as standard search engine
  • Fixed the bug where you cannot delete avant.exe while uninstalling Avant
  • Fixed the bug where the login dialog cannot show up under some conditions
  • Fixed the bug where you cannot switch tabs while continuously opening a lot of tabs
  • Fixed the bug where you cannot successfully import the bookmarks with special codes from FireFox
  • Fixed the encoding error while importing bookmarks
  • Fixed the confliction issue with the DEP technology of Windows Server 2008(Longhorn)
  • Fixed the display error of some pages with frame structure
  • Fixed the title coding and items sorting errors in RSS
  • Fixed the error that cannot switch focus to the page from address bar
  • Fixed the keyword coding error in Baidu search engine
  • Fixed the auto-complete error in search bar
  • Fixed the bug that cannot totally clean out the recent history records
  • Fixed the bug where the main system buttons would disappear when you went Full Screen or Full Desktop
  • Sped up startup process and UI
  • Perfected the performance of the mouse gesture
  • Perfected RSS function
  • Detached the up-right icons from the tabs bar
  • Arranged the location of the buttons in up right corner under Full Screen & Full Desktop mode
  • Added a function to close left & right tabs of the current one
  • Added an option to tick & untick the mouse gesture trail
  • Added some Google Translations
  • Added the function of saving page as image
  • Added the function of saving page as text
  • Added the function of setting new window's default zoom size
  • Added the function of renewing the default configuration of Avant
  • Added the hot key Ctrl+shift+Z to reopen the latest closed page
Avant Browser 11.5 build 21, Released: 9.30.2007
  • Fixed the bug of displaying wrong keywords in Yahoo and Google.
  • Fixed the coding error while importing bookmarks from Firefox.
  • Fixed the menu display bug under Compact Style.
  • Fixed the bug that cannot refresh tabs bar after customizing buttons.
  • Fixed the bug that cannot refresh UI after switching from Compact to Standard Style.
  • Fixed login window auto-closed bug after registering a new account.
  • Added notification page after upgrading to new version.
  • Fixed the context menu display bug on IE7.
  • Modified the wrong display of the address in the 404 wrong page.
Avant Browser 11.5 build 20, Released: 8.20.2007
  • Fixed the bug that cannot clear history in address bar.
Avant Browser 11.5 build 18, Released: 8.7.2007
  • Improved Online Storage for slow connections
  • Fixed the bug that cannot set Avant as the default browser under vista
  • Improved the progress bar display of skins
  • Improved for dual-monitor display
Avant Browser 11.5 build 16, Released: 7.11.2007
  • Fixed a few bugs with skins
  • Improved Online Storage
  • Fixed the bug of context menu under Vista
Avant Browser 11.5 build 11, Released: 6.24.2007
  • Fixed a bug of focusing new window
  • Fixed a bug of context menu
  • Fixed a bug of browsing
Avant Browser 11.5 build 8, Released: 6.15.2007
  • Re-designed User Interface with concepts of simply and user-friendly
  • Re-designed Customizable Context menu to replace IE's
  • Re-designed Address Bar drop-down list
  • Re-designed Online Storage
  • Re-designed Compact View
  • Support PNG image in the GUI, Skin Maker coming soon
  • Added "Copy URL" for Links context menu
  • Added "Open in New Window" for Links menu
  • Added Supper drag-and-drop for links and searches
  • Imporved Memory Usage
  • Improved Importing functions that allow import from another account of Avant
  • Imporived security for websites to access user's clipboard
  • Fixed a few bugs with non-Administrator accounts
  • Fixed the bug that Flash Player doesn't work with propertly when IE7 installed
  • Fixed the bug that cannot search for Non-English bookmarks
  • Fixed the bug that cannot open XML with xsl sheet
  • Fixed some minor bugs found in the previous versions
  • Fixed a bug with proxy
Avant Browser 11.0 build 46, Released: 3.2.2007
  • Fixed a bug of "switch account" to remote server
  • Updated Turkish language pack
Avant Browser 11.0 build 45, Released: 2.14.2007
  • Improved Online Storage
  • Improved Dialogs for keyboard inpute
  • Improved UI unicode support
  • Updated Hebrew/Vietnamese/Arabic language pack
Avant Browser 11.0 build 45, Released: 12.30.2006
  • Fixed a bug of encoding in importing/exporting bookmarks
  • Improved unicode support
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with vista that could not get URL from favorites
Avant Browser 11.0 build 39, Released: 12.15.2006
  • Improved Flash Player hosting
  • Fixed a bug of "Fill in New Window" of AutoFills
Avant Browser 11.0 build 35, Released: 12.9.2006
  • Improved AutoFill
  • Fixed the bug that cannot display swf/pdf file in Avant Browser based on IE7
  • Fixed a bug with multi-monitor display
  • Fixed a bug with deleting IE Favorites
  • Fixed bugs with UI Encoding
  • Some minor internal tweaks
Avant Browser 11.0 build 25, Released: 10.23.2006
  • Improved RSS Reader
  • View->SOurce to view RSS source
  • Fixed a bug of popup blocker with AutoFill
  • A few internal polish
Avant Browser 11.0 build 21, Released: 10.18.2006
  • Improved Online Storage Connection
  • Improved Bookmarks/RSS/AutoFill Management
  • Improved CPU Usage for frames
  • Fixed a bug of refresh button
  • Fixed a bug of JavaScript Error Report
  • Improved Google Support
Avant Browser 11.0 build 15, Released: 10.11.2006
  • Improved Online Storage Transmission
Avant Browser 11.0 build 12, Released: 10.03.2006
  • Improved Menu Display
Avant Browser 11.0 build 10, Released: 10.01.2006
  • Improved Menu Display
  • Improved CPU Usage
  • Improved IE-Plugins Support
Avant Browser 11.0 build 8, Released: 9.29.2006
  • Improved non-English display
  • Improved Online Storage Transfer
  • Improved IE Plug-ins Support
  • Fixed a bug that the order of re-arranged toolbars will be lost when modify Options
  • Update Translations.
Avant Browser 11.0 Build 5, Released: 09.22.2006
  • Avant Online Storage. Since this version, Avant Browser allows users to save their profile online, such that users could reach their bookmarks, RSS feeds and configurations etc from any computers that have Avant Browser installed.
  • New build-in Outlook-style RSS reader.
  • Built-in AutoFill, which allows users to save their web passwords with Avant Browser.
  • New Bookmarks System, Powerful bookmarks management (Check availablilities etc).
  • Improved plug-in support, supports IE's BHO/Button/Toolbars and Script Buttons.
  • Improved Find/Highlight features on search bar.
  • More tab options: Lock Tabs / Show Underlines/Show Progress Bar/Show Close Button etc.
  • Fixed most bugs reported in 10.x
Avant Browser 10.2 Build 52, Released: 05.10.2006
  • Fixed a bug of the tab button that may result in closing a tab.
Avant Browser 10.2 Build 51, Released: 04.11.2006
  • Fixed a bug of the close button on tabs.
  • Fixed a bug that may freeze favorites list view.
  • Improved HTTP helper.
Avant Browser 10.2 Build 39, Released: 04.02.2006
  • Updated Development Environment to latest Borland Delphi 2006 Enterprise . All previous versions are compiled by Delphi 6 released in 2000.
  • Open Links from MSN.
  • Improved Popup Blocker for
  • Improved Tab Buttons.
  • Improved Find/Highlight.
  • Improved Favicon handling.
  • Improved multi-monitor support.
  • Improve UI speed.
  • Improved Page Scrolling.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 40, Released: 12.31.2005
  • Improved Compact View.
  • Improved Full Screen/Desktop mode.
  • Fixed a bug of Rss Reader.
  • Fixed a bug of Popup Blocker.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 38, Released: 12.25.2005
  • Improved JavaScript Handling.
  • Improved Popup Blocker.
  • Improved Rss Reader.
  • Fixed bugs with Slovakian language pack.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 32, Released: 11.08.2005
  • Improved support for Roboform plug-in.
  • Improved popup blocker for catching showModelessDialog and showModalDialog.
  • Fixed Some Javascript Error.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 30, Released: 10.07.2005
  • Improved Javascript Handling.
  • Fixed some display error.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 28, Released: 09.29.2005
  • Improved memory usage, fixed some memory leaks.
  • Improved AD blocker.
  • Improved popup blocker for catching showModelessDialog and showModalDialog.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 26, Released: 09.12.2005
  • Improved Skins Display.
  • Improved Full-Desktop and Compact Style.
  • Improved Similar Websites bar.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 23, Released: 08.26.2005
  • Fixed the bug that "Getting Started" dialog will not show up on some computers.
  • Fixed a bug with middle clicking.
  • Updated Translations.
Avant Browser 10.1 Build 22, Released: 08.12.2005
  • Improved Speed.
  • Faster GUI drawing.
  • Improved History Drop Down Menu.
  • Improved Compact Style.
  • 12 New Themes.
Avant Browser 10.1 build 17, Released: 07.18.2005
  • Improved Speed/Stability.
  • Improved Flash Blocker.
  • Improved Drag-and-Drop.
  • Improved History Support.
  • Improved scroll support.
  • Fixed the bug of clear web forms.
  • Allow multiple instances.
  • Customizable mouse gestures.
  • Customizable mouse buttons functions.
  • Customizable tab to activate after closing a tab.
  • More customizable standard buttons.
  • Drop down button for history button, display last 120 visited web pages.
  • New compact view.
  • New: "hold the right button and click with the middle button" to close/refresh a window.
  • New: Open In New Browser Item in the right click menu for links and bitmap.
  • New: Getting Start Wizard dialog
  • New Copy URL button on the float bar.
  • New Open in New Window button on the float bar.
  • New Favorite Context Menu Item: Create Favorite in This Folder.
  • Maintain Width/Height ratio when zoom pictures.
  • Added Context Menu to group links.
  • Added Context Menu to Back/Forward drop-down menu.
  • Accept to drop a list of URLs, and open them one by one.
  • Save options in "Open a Link" dialog.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 168, Released: 05.30.2005
  • Improved GUI drawing.
  • Improved Mouse Wheel support.
  • Switching tabs by hold the right button and roll the mouse wheel.
  • Some internal tweaks.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 167, Released: 03.20.2005
  • Improved Speed.
  • Faster GUI drawing.
  • Improved RoboForm support.
  • Fixed some translation errors.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 165, Released: 03.20.2005
  • Improved Stability.
  • Improved Closing Avant Browser.
  • New: switching tabs with mouse wheel.
  • Fixed the bug of improper closing a tab on some slow systems.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 159, Released: 03.12.2005
  • Improved Scripts Handler.
  • Fixed conflicts with Outlook Web Access.
  • Improved Browsing Speed.
  • Improved Stability.
  • Fixed the bug that avant.exe will stay in the memory after close Avant Browser.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 153, Released: 03.06.2005
  • Improved Page Zooming.
  • Improved Scripts Handler.
  • Improved Mouse Midlle Button Clicking.
  • Improved Internal tabs management.
  • Fixed some bugs when Script is disabled.
  • Fixed cannot open .url file bug.
  • Improved Popup Blocker.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 133, Released: 03.02.2005
  • Improved Internal tabs management.
  • Improved HTTP threads management.
  • Fixed a bug that Similar Websites Bar freezes whole browser.
  • Fixed some bugs with Hotmail.
  • Fixed some bugs with Yahoo Web Mail.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 131, Released: 02.16.2005
  • Fixed a bug of popup blocker that cannot block some pop-under window.
  • Fixed a bug: Cannot Start on some limited XP/2000 accounts.
  • Fixed some browser vulnerabilities.
  • Some internal minors improvements.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 126, Released: 02.10.2005
  • New Toolbar: Similar Websites Bar, show websites that related to the page you are browsing.
  • New Function: Clear Auto-Complete Web Forms - Clear auto-complete forms by one-click.
    With this version, you can clear ALL browsing trace in your computer by click "Clear All Records".
  • Fixed some browser vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed the losing keyboard focus bug.
  • Improved Popup Blocker.
  • Added UNICODE support to the interface.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 035, Released: 11.22.2004
  • Improved Popup Blocker
  • Improved threads management, fixed thread handle leaking.
  • Improved built-in RSS reader.
  • Removed cbthook.dll to improve stability and compatibility.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 030, Released: 10.25.2004
  • Fixed the bug of the zone icon.
  • Fixed the error encoding for status bar.
  • Improved Interface Drawing.
  • Fixed the bug of secure lock icon.
  • Fixed the bug that result in GDI/Memory Leak.
  • Fixed the bug of Fav-Icon downloader that might result in instable problem.
  • Re-arranged Options Windows.
  • Improved translations.
Avant Browser 10.0 Build 027, Released: 10.15.2004
  • Built-in XML RSS/ATOM Feeds Reader
  • Floating Bar for selected Text (Copy, Search, Find, Highlight...).
  • Floating Bar for Flash Movie (Save, Play in Player, emailing, Block...).
  • Floating Bar for Image (Save, View in Viewer, Zoom in/out, emailing...).
  • New Message Handling, Improved Stability and CPU usage.
  • Improved Memory Usage, it's faster with large number of windows opened.
  • Send a whole page with email.
  • Page Zooming.
  • Support IE Privacy Report.
  • Support IE Security Zones.
  • Improved screen/desktop mode, all panels can be hidden automatically.
  • Show URL as tooltips for blocked Popups.
  • Show URL as tooltips for blocked ADs.
  • Improved Popup Blocker, more popups will be blocked.
  • Save HTML Source of a webpage
  • Display a list of links to select, when opening/recovering last time saved/opened web pages.
  • Fixed Web Page Printing Bug for certain computers.
  • Fixed the bug that cannot start in Limited User Account.
  • Countless internal polishes.
Avant Browser 9.02 Build 101, Released: 07.28.2004
  • Improved searching from Address bar
  • Improved Popup Blocker for accuracy.
  • Improved AD Blocker for stability.
  • Improved GUI drawing.
  • Improved hooks for messages handling.
  • Improved French translation.
  • New Manual:

Thank following contributors who created the new manual:
Design and Layout: Steven Burn
Graphics: Steven Burn, DrDrrae, bigC
Contents: Steve Burn, DrDrrae, hornakapopolis Angeldust, crom, Pip, Sara, Sergei, SweetLou, vtel57, bigC, Logan, Tom Servo

Avant Browser 9.02 Build 033, Released: 06.17.2004
  • Fixed a bug that will result in fatal error (blue screen) in Windows 98/ME.
  • Improved True-Color FavIcon Display.
  • Display FavIcon for recent opened web page list.
  • Added Right-Click Menu for recent opened web page list.
  • Added Right-Click Menu for address box drop-down list.
  • Improved message handling for stability/speed.
  • Improved focus handling for pages loading in the background.
  • Improved translations for Danish and Brazilian Portuguese.
Avant Browser 9.02 Build 026, Released: 05.17.2004
  • Improved Uninstaller.
  • Improved hooks for stability.
  • Improved support for RoboForm plug-in.
  • Save the order of tabs when using "Save All Opened Pages and Exit".
  • Save the order of tabs when creating new groups.
  • Updated translation for Turkish.
Avant Browser 9.02 Build 021, Released: 04.22.2004
  • Use Internet Explorer default HTTP error handling.
  • Updated translations for Turkish, Swedish and Finnish.
  • Minors polishes.
Avant Browser 9.02 Build 018, Released: 04.20.2004
  • Improved memory and GDI management.
  • Improved drawing for the main window, faster drawing.
  • Improved address box.
Avant Browser 9.02 Build 012, Released: 04.09.2004
  • Added New Search Engine Licensed by Yahoo.
  • Added the close button on the vertical splitter bar.
  • Improved Favorites Menu, now favorites can be resorted by drag-and-drop.
  • Improved Favorites Menu Display.
  • Improved Memory Usage.
  • Improved Popup Blocker for stability.
  • Improved Address Box display for large size font.
  • Lots of minors polishes.
Avant Browser 9.01 Build 121, Released: 03.26.2004
  • Improved Popup Blocker.
  • Improved AD Blocker.
  • Improved Tab Button Drawing, support True-Color FavIcons.
  • Improved Address Box Drawing, support True-Color FavIcons.
  • New translations: Welsh, Indonesian.
Avant Browser 9.01 Build 120, Released: 03.20.2004
  • Improved stability, fixed a bug that causes Avant Browser lock up.
Avant Browser 9.01 Build 118, Released: 03.03.2004
  • Fixed 2 bugs cause Avant Browser to freeze.
  • New Mouse Gestures:
    1. Hold right mouse button
    2. Move the mouse in the indicated directions
    3. Release the right mouse button
    new Create new tab in the foreground.
    newback Create new tab in the background.
    back Navigate the active window back a page in the history.
    forward Navigate the active window forward a page in the history.
    prevtab Activate previous window.
    nexttab Activate next window.
    closeallexcept Close all except the active window.
    closeall Close all windows.
    up Go up to the father directory.
    refresh Refresh the active window.
    firstwindow Activatate the first window.
    lastwindow Activatate the last window.
    closechecked Check the window to be closed.
    hide Hide Avant Browser.
    close Close the activated window.
    openlastclosed Open the recently closed window.
Avant Browser 9.01 Build 113, Released: 02.12.2004
  • Removed aHTTP.exe from Avant Browser
  • Improved Browsing Speed.
  • Improved Popup Blocker.
  • Fixed a bug: when have Yahoo Toolbar actived, closing the current browsing window will crash the whole browser.
Avant Browser 9.01 Build 100, Released: 01.30.2004
  • Open all links in a page by right-click.
  • Search selected text in a web page with Google. (Right Click)
  • Highlight all occurrences of selected text in a web page. (Right Click)
  • Block unwanted AD banners/buttons with the built-in AD Blocker.
  • Advanced Popup Blocker will block wanted popup ADs more accurately.
  • All Blocked URLs are recoverable.
  • Web page translation service.
  • Assign alias to URLs, make typing URL much more faster.
  • Customizable Quick Search: g book=search book in Google. etc.
  • Search for Favorites.
  • Display FavIcon in Favorites, Links and Address Box.
  • Create Favorites with FavIcon.
  • Improved Download for FavIcon.
  • Improved Skins Support. Faster Interface Drawing.
  • Improved the display of all menus, the display of menus is much faster.
  • Add a option to open new tab next to the current tab.
  • More built-in skins: Xito, Roma and Windows Tranditional.
  • Options to hide menus you don't need.
  • Fixed bugs of editing/renaming/creating in Favorites Band.
  • Fixed the bug of GDI leaking.

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