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Dienstag, 4. November 2008

Free internet browser - PhaseOut web browser

Free internet browser: PhaseOut web browser

Though PhaseOut is a freeware application (you don't have to pay to use it) it is a very stable and deeply tested software.

Our mission is to find alternatives to the main browsers platforms adding ideas, functionality and cool graphics to the standard skins.

Development and research are totally supported by the users with search and navigation. Just use PhaseOut and share good words with friends and colleagues, we'll get enough chances to make deals and customize the product for the big brands.

We do not expect other than you try and use PhaseOut for a while, then if you like it, suggest it to a friend and to all those that you know.

Click the image here to view the full screen resolution screenshot of the 5.2 skin.


Click to download the PhaseOut browser, free.

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