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Donnerstag, 6. November 2008

Any Browser: Old Browser - 1st Choice Browse2000

1st Choice Browse2000 5.3 description

1st Choice Browse2000 displays Multiple Websites on one screen.

1st Choice Browse2000 displays Multiple Websites on one screen, while connecting to up to 200 Active URL addresses at once. You may Import your Internet Explorer Bookmarks into a Favorite Websites Database, and Pre-select sites that will be navigated as a group. 200 Active URL Connections: Rather than continually going Back and Forward, you can retain an Active Connection with many Websites at once. While a Search Engine is anchored on one Browser, clicking a hyperlink will cause the navigation to occur on a separate Browser. Website Database: Each Website Record includes a Group, Title, URL, and Remarks. The Database is displayed on a Grid, where Website Records may be Added, Deleted, Edited, Copied, Moved, or Found. Pre-selected Navigation: Any group of Website Records may be navigated as a batch, so you can perform other tasks on your computer while you are waiting.

Seit 1999 keine Update's mehr. Letzte bekannte Version: 5.3 -->
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